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Since 2016, the biggest, baddest U.S. fossil fuel bank of them all has been New York-based Chase Bank, the consumer and commercial banking business of JPMorgan Chase.

Over the last seven years, Chase has funded over $434 billion in dirty fossil fuel projects.

Led by Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon, Chase has made staggering investments in Gulf Coast polluters.

Sierra Club’s LNG Tracker shows that Chase is the leading U.S. financier of domestic LNG over the past decade, committing at least $6.7 billion to Gulf Coast LNG projects like Sempra’s Port Arthur LNG, Cheniere’s Corpus Christi LNG, and Venture Global’s Plaquemines LNG.  


And RAN’s Banking on Climate Chaos report reveals that Chase has also been one of the largest funders of most other ‘Terrible 12’ Gulf Coast polluters, including Enbridge ($4.1 billion since 2016), Energy Transfer ($3.3 billion) and Enterprise Products ($3.3 billion).

Chase’s single-biggest fossil fuel investment over the past seven years?  $26.2 billion to TC Energy, the Canadian polluter behind the Keystone Pipeline that transports crude oil from Alberta to Port Arthur, Texas for export.

If you’ve HAD ENOUGH of Dimon-backed polluters WRECKING our communities and climate, please SIGN OUR PETITION calling on Chase Bank to STOP funding fossil fuel polluters on the Gulf Coast!

Mr. Dimon:

Our communities and allies across the country and around the world are calling on you as Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase to stop funding fossil projects in the Gulf South.

Our predominantly Black, Hispanic, Indigenous and low-income communities are suffering as U.S. LNG and crude oil exporters race to build and expand dirty fossil fuel facilities along the Gulf coast.

The pollution from these facilities is directly responsible for widespread lung disease, heart disease and cancer in our areas, and also destroys natural resources, including bird and fish habitats, that are critical to our livelihood.


It's also clear that the continued release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels is leading to disastrous changes in the global climate, including an acceleration of destructive Gulf hurricanes.  


Since 2016, JPMorgan Chase has been the leading U.S. bank funder of fossil fuel projects, committing over $434 billion to polluting projects that threaten our communities and climate.


With our lives literally on the line, your bank has played a lead role in funding many of the worst polluters along the coast, including Cheniere, Sempra, Venture Global, Enbridge and others.

Your destructive investments in dirty fossil fuels also continue a long legacy of environmental racism, centuries of tribal genocide, and the advancement of ‘sacrifice zones’ that deny human rights.


We call on you and JPMorgan Chase to acknowledge the threat to our communities and climate that results from your fossil fuel investments, and to stop funding these projects immediately.

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